Photog Tips: Boudoir Photography small spaces and narrow areas

Boudoir Photog Tips: Boudoir Photography small spaces and narrow areas

Here at Boudoir CLT, we didn't always a standard studio that we were in. We were often traveling around NC (North Carolina) and shooting in boutique hotels that contained that sensual and sultry aesthetic we were looking for to match our vision of our clients during their session. Unfortunately most of the time these opportune spots consisted of small spaces which were narrow and difficult to get the proper angle for the perfect capture. As a boudoir photographer this was more complex than you'd expect, forcing our education around photography within a narrow space. Naturally, there are the fundamental things the photographer should always look for when in a tight space. Here are a couple of quick tips before we dive into the main content of this section:

  • Leverage a wide angle lens to accommodate your shots - We generally select between 35 and 85MM lenses during our session.

  • Don't be afraid to raise the exposure through ISO settings.

  • So many people are wary of leveraging the ISO increase, which is unnecessary with the latest camera technologies.

  • Immediately find the light source in the room / studio / areas that will be most capable of creating beautiful images

Here are a few things that we found to be incredibly important to ensure that yourself and your clients have the beautiful experience during your sessions when shooting in smaller spaces:

Be an "active" Photographer! Find the small areas and proper angle of view

Boudoir Photography | Composing angle above the subject - submission and innocence

We often get stuck trying to gain the perfect shot but don't realize that we can simply move 3 steps in any direction and entirely change the look and feel of the photo. It's amazing what taking a couple of steps can do by finding a different angle.

  • Composing your image above the client presents a more innocent and submissive feel and emotion to the photo itself

  • Composing your shot below the client does the exact opposite! It creates a more dominant and empowering emotion to your photography

  • Be creative with it, you'll surprise yourself - rotate your camera onto a tilt! These create alluring and inquisitive shots that really exude emotion in your session!

Boudoir Photography | Composition below subject | Small Spaces

Details, Details, Details

Boudoir Photography Composition | Small Spaces Detail Composition

When shooting in areas such as a hotel room, AirBNB rental, or the like leveraging details of your clients will increase the options for you and your client to build upon while bringing your collective vision to life. Many photographers overlook the accentuating beauty that comes with the natural curves of the body as the primary subject in the composition, it doesn't always have to be a portrait style shoot... actually We'd recommend against that because it's just like everyone else!

Here are some quick tips for detail photographs:

  • Focus your composition on areas of the client that are most desirable for them, don't be afraid to cut out everything that is not specific to this area.

  • Use a shallow depth of field on your lens drawing the viewers eye directly to the subject of your image (such as a specific area of the body or lingerie)

Bokeh - It changes the game

Boudoir Bokeh Image | Small Spaces technique

(This image was taken shooting through an old clock that had iron artistry around it)

Another way to increase variety in your sessions is by leveraging the concept of Bokeh within your boudoir photography session. It's amazing how easily this is accomplished with that's that are more than likely already laying around in the studio or location you've selected to host your session in. This will add a significant amount of depth to your images even if the room itself is quite small.

You can literally use anything that creates a blur or bokeh effect in the final image, it does NOT have to be something expensive or professional you purchase specifically to create bokeh. We've used numerous things around the settings we've been in:

  • Plants

  • Alarm Clock

  • Bed Sheets

  • Coffee and/or Candy wrappers

  • Candles

  • Coffee Pot (whattt?! Yes, seriously it works)

That's it for now! We hope you've enjoyed this quick overview of boudoir photography techniques and how to increase your shot count during your upcoming boudoir sessions! Please comment below and let us know if this was helpful, also don't forget to subscribe if you want to continue receiving updates as we deliver more information to help out fellow photographers on their boudoir journey!

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