Most Frequently Asked Questions in Boudoir

Q: Why should I do a Boudoir photoshoot?

A: A boudoir photoshoot is an investment at the end of the day, & it's an investment in yourself! These pictures are yours to view and reflect on for many years to come. Boudoir photography helps with your self-confidence, body appreciation, & comfort in your life.

Not too mention, your photos can be a wonderful gift to your significant other or to yourself.

Q: I'm not very photogenic. Should I do it?

A: That's even more of a reason to do it! It's quite likely that you have never been photographed by a professional photographer. The benefits to this are the guidance, trust, & coaching to feel comfortable. This combined with our expertise of putting you into the

proper poses & lighting to accentuate you is the best way possible. Trust us, once you're here and begin to have fun, your inner confidence & beauty will all shine through the images.

Q: My cellulite, stretch marks, skin worry me. Can you help?

A: Well first off, you are absolutely beautiful as you are. We tend to be our worst critics when it comes to our own body. We, yes all of us, tend to look at ourselves through a magnifying lens. Our significant others, loved ones, & family always tell us that we look more beautiful than we see ourselves because of this dynamic. We don't want you to worry about this at all, we provide discrete and experienced retouching on all purchased images. We've got you covered here so don't worry and just have fun during the shoot. Remember, the true beauty is confidence and that comes from within!

Q: I need to lose a few pounds. Should I wait?

A: We don't think that's a wise idea. Said more directly - No, don't wait. You are an amazingly beautiful already! The camera angles, poses, outfits and the lighting will gracefully accentuate your beauty, no matter the shape and size. We all have doubt in our body & sometimes ourselves, but we can assure you that you'll enjoy the decision to have a boudoir shoot at the end. Trust us, we do this a lot! ;-)

Q: I have no idea how to pose!

A: No worries!! That's what we are here for! We will work with you each step of the way, curating the best poses for your body type & comfort level. We will show you exactly what to do and direct you through the process. Many of our clients have very little to no modeling experience, which is totally okay. This is what we love to do and specialize in- we've got you covered!

Q: Should I bring my own outfits?

Boudoir CLT | Boudoir Photography Charlotte | Detail Shot

A: Yes, absolutely. We recommend bringing lights and darks, especially bra and panties. Silks and lace always photograph well, and we recommend bringing different accessories to allow for different looks. Whatever makes you feel the most sexy and comfortable, bring it with you. We can discuss together the different styles and opportunities you have during our consultation session prior to your shoot. Remember, keep it simple and comfortable. It's more about the overall feel and energy during the session than it is the outfit itself.

Q: How does hair and makeup work?

A: If you've arranged a make-up artist with us than all you've got to do is bring a clean & moisturized face, we will work the magic from there. We do recommend it as part of the overall experience, it helps you relax and feel the part as we go through the day heading into the shoot. If you've prepared your own make up, not a problem at all! Just come prepared & ready to shoot, but we recommend bringing it with you to perform touch-ups if necessary.

Q: Can I bring a friend?

A: Most definitely! We encourage it if it'll make you feel better and more relaxed! They are welcome to join any & every portion of the session you choose. We also offer couples Boudoir, so if they'd like to join for the shoot, just let us know.


Q: Do I have to pose nude?

A: The amount of nudity if your shoot is completely dependent on your choices!

You can wear as much or as little as you'd like & we are happy to accommodate whatever style you're looking for. Be mindful that sensualityis generally discreet and showing a bit less is more in most cases.

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