Couples Boudoir, it’s the thing to do! Here’s why:

Here are some quick tips on how to prepare your partner for a couples shoot, it’s totally worth it!


Boudoir CLT | Couples Boudoir | Charlotte NC

You get to set the pace of the shoot

One of the coolest things about being with your partner during your boudoir session is that you’ve got a confidant right by your side. It’s a really cool thing to watch when you and your partner begin to forget that we are even there, the natural flow takes over and the photos are amazing!

It’s a great experience to do together

We’ve all been there… those times when you’re looking at each other and asking the infamous “what do you want to do??” Well, enter an intimate setting with great vibes and your partner by your side creating an experience that will carry forward through time.

It’s a timeless and unique souvenir of your love

Speaking of time… it all passes by us at the same pace and capturing the moments and memories that are most fulfilling is very important. Not only capturing the images from the experience but also taking that into an album to be looked at for years to come, even when you’re old enough where it’ll garner a laugh between you two. ;)

Boudoir CLT | Couples Boudoir | Charlotte NC

You can do it where ever you’re most comfortable

Not comfortable going to a studio? No problem. You can ask your photographer to come to your home. If that's not an option, you can also book a romantic staycation at your favorite hotel and ask your photographer to travel there for your photoshoot.

Having a partner increases confidence for everyone!

Sometimes having a +1 during your photoshoot can help ease your nerves and help you settle into it faster. Also, you already know what is comfortable and natural for both yourself & your partner, so the chances of you flowing into your poses organically is higher.

Now that you know this is totally an acceptable and even something encouraged! How about your next date night has a bit of a different spin? ;)

Give us a shout today and we can walk you through this experience and get you and your significant other booked for a Couples Boudoir Session!

Contact us here and we'll guide you through the rest!

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