Mrs. M - Client Photo Shoot

We had the fortunate luxury of attending the WPPI Conference this year in Las Vegas, NV and had an amazing experience! Not only did we get to relax and enjoy ourselves a bit in Las Vegas (Does anyone really do this here? lol) but we had the amazing opportunity to meet fellow photographers and clients who were sharing their expertise and experiences.

One of the sessions we were able to attend was that of Marco Ibanez who is a prominent mentor and coach in the Boudoir industry, you all should check out his website he has some amazing content and information on there!

Mrs. M was in attendance with us and provided the amazing opportunity of capturing the beauty below, she was so excited during and post the shoot and you can really tell her engagement from the photos. We hope you enjoy!

We are always here for our clients and anyone else who wants to experience the satisfaction and empowerment of attending a Boudoir Photography Session, don't hestiate to reach out to schedule your appointment today!

Feel free to contact us here!

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