Bridal Boudoir Part 2: Should you do it for your wedding? (featuring one of our brides!)

Miss B - Bridal Boudoir Session - Charlotte NC

When it comes to a Boudoir photo shoot, one of the most rewarding categories is our Bridal Boudoir session. It allows us to experience a precious moment in life with our clients while also helping them feel sexy and confident as they approach their wedding.

Most of our future brides want to do Bridal Boudoir shoot to gift their spouse on their wedding night. Many don't expect how much of a treat it is for her as well!

Bridal Boudoir is a win for everyone! The husband or spouse gets a wonderful gift and the bride-to-be gets to pamper herself and get a once in a lifetime photography experience!

Take a look at the outcome of a recent Bridal Boudoir Shoot and hear from her perspective how her photography session went! She ended up putting her gorgeous photos in a Premium Album to gift to her husband and she said he absolutely loved it! Not only did it create a fantastic experience for everyone but who doesn't love an excuse to pickup some new lingerie for Boudoir? ;)

What was your bridal boudoir photography experience working with BoudoirCLT?

Miss B: "You are both so talented and fun! I instantly felt comfortable and knew I was in good hands. You listened to my vision and had awesome suggestions that really made the whole thing turn out just the way I wanted!"

What were some key moments you remember from your bridal photography session?

Miss B: "All the laughing! It was fun having a little Q&A during my hair/makeup. I felt like that really helped me loosen up…or was that the champagne?

Also I’ll never forget your sweet little cat!"

What are some things that you

enjoyed most during your boudoir photo shoot with us?

Miss B: "Hard to say… I really loved it all! I think getting to know you guys and hear about the studio was one of my favorite parts! And…the cat haha"

Think for a moment about how you felt before the boudoir photo shoot. What were your feelings before compared to how you felt after?

Miss B: "I was a little nervous but I left feeling like a million bucks!"

What advice would you give to anyone that is still unsure about doing a Bridal Boudoir session for their wedding?

Miss B: "Try not to overthink the outfits! Sometimes simpler is sexier!"


So what are you waiting for?! Let's get your bridal boudoir on the calendar before your wedding day arrives and you realize you didn't get that special gift!

Contact us for a free consultation about your Bridal Boudoir session today!

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