Meet the Duo

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With over 10 years of landscape and portrait photography experience, Jim began capturing sensuality in the most beautiful of ways. "Challenging my skills to photograph beauty in new ways has been the most exciting part. Working with models to capture their essence in a photograph is my goal, and hearing their satisfaction with my work is the best result."

Crystal spends most of her time in front of the camera acting as a model, model assistant, & creative director. "I love working with models in developing their 'in front of the camera' personalities. I enjoy watching models blossom as they embrace their inner queen and get us that perfect shot!"

We recognize that a male & female Boudoir photography team is uncommon, but we'd like to believe that is our strength. Jim has developed a passion for understanding the intricacies of photography equipment and how to best utilize it, while maintaining the creative understanding of how to get a perfect capture. Crystal has passion for revealing the beauty in everyone, while having the creative artistry to understand best angles, outfits, and scenery for the perfect shot.


Together, it works!

Like PB&J!